Steve Bucher, Chief Financial Officer of Neway Dialysis Labs, pictured in a company shirt.

Steve Bucher

Chief Financial Officer

I pursued a career in dialysis because my mother was a dialysis patient the last 10 years of her life. My mother’s experience gave me an understanding of the emotional toll dialysis has on a patient and their family. As a CPA, I understand the business drivers of dialysis. Knowing both sides of the ESRD industry helped me lead dialysis organizations as a CEO for the last 30 years. I joined Neway as a co-founder and Chief Financial Officer because Neway presents a substantially better lab opportunity to the dialysis industry. As a customer, I know Neway has addressed several perpetual and nagging inefficiencies with dialysis labs. Specimen integrity and quality of reported results have long been an issue in dialysis due to the centralization of the labs performing the testing.  Neway’s 20 US locations solves these inefficiencies. When presented with the opportunity to become a Neway co-founder, I was very eager to participate. That’s my Neway story.