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Single Lab location vs Lab Network

Solving an ESRD industry wide problem

The centralized dialysis lab model has been around since the early 1990s with little innovation. Flying dialysis labs across the country to a single US location is costly, takes several days for results, and has no strategic value. It exposes dialysis programs to downtime and delays from natural disasters, labor strikes, and pandemics, by relying on a single location and third-party couriers for transportation. In an economy that looks to sustainable business practices, the centralized lab location model may be one of the most inefficient constructs in US healthcare today.


Neway with Quest Diagnostics solves the problem. We connect dialysis programs to the largest dialysis testing network in the nation. Quest Diagnostics is the world’s leading provider of diagnostic information services with 18 lab locations, 4,000 courier vehicles, and 50,000 employees dedicated to ESRD testing. Together, Neway with Quest Diagnostics can support every dialysis program in the U.S. and deliver quality and speed regardless of your location. Now,  your specimens can be picked up from a clinic and delivered to a local or regional Quest Diagnostics lab and you will receive results the next day. And with a national lab network, Quest Diagnostics has emergency preparedness protocols and redundancies for unforeseen events.

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