Central Florida Kidney Centers and Neway Enter Strategic Partnership for Dialysis Labs

Orlando, Florida, 2/15/2024. Central Florida Kidney Centers, Inc, the leading provider of renal dialysis services in the central Florida region, and Neway, LLC, the US leader in value-based care for dialysis labs, have signed an exclusive agreement for Neway to provide dialysis laboratory services to CFKC.  


Neway and CFKC have been in negotiations for several months with the mission to improve dialysis labs and accelerate the velocity, quality, and accuracy of dialysis patient care for CFKC. The collaboration will feature the Neway with Quest Diagnostics expansive dialysis lab network, and the first ever Neway Dialysis Lab Stewardship Program,® supported and powered by the Neway eLabs Platform®. 


Bryan Thompson, Neway Founder & CEO said, “We are honored and thrilled to partner with CFKC and deliver quality dialysis lab services and accelerated care to their patients.” 


"Quote here from CFKC here.”  


About Central Florida Kidney Centers, Inc: 

Providing compassionate kidney care to central Florida residents for 50 years, Central Florida Kidney Centers makes your well-being our priority every day. With all the support you need to heal and get back to life, Central Florida Kidney Centers is large enough to serve and small enough to care, with seven locally operated dialysis centers providing treatment options for adults, children, and infants. 

Guided by our non-profit mission, Central Florida Kidney Centers’ physicians, nurses, dietitians, social workers, and technical staff are as determined as you are to choose the right treatment and lisfestyle support best suited for you and your family. In our centers, you will experience the healing hands and knowledge of our clinical staff, comfortable settings, and state-of-the-art dialysis equipment. 

Because Central Florida Kidney Centers is locally operated, we have been able to make recent strategic investments in our people and facilities to ensure you will have a caring, fully staffed and optimal clinical experience with us while you do your part to heal. 


About Neway:  

Neway is the U.S. leader in value-based care for dialysis labs. We help dialysis programs achieve better financial outcomes while increasing the quality and velocity of patient care. The Neway Dialysis Lab Stewardship Program® helps you maximize lab revenue, lower lab fees, and give you global lab cost of care control. Neway works with your care team to optimize your lab order set and adhere to CMS guidelines, while eliminating wasteful and excessive testing, which lowers your overall lab fees and maximizes your dialysis lab earnings. Neway with Quest Diagnostics® delivers next-day lab results and emergency preparedness. Dialysis clinics draw the patient’s specimen using Quest Diagnostics collection protocols that preserve specimen integrity and minimize blood degradation, an important detail on dialysis Hemoglobin (HGB) and Potassium (K) results. Quest Diagnostics logistic teams pick specimens up on the same day to be processed locally or regionally and results are delivered the next day. Working with Quest Diagnostics’ extensive network of laboratories and emergency preparedness protocols, Neway sustains the velocity of patient care through unforeseen events such as natural disasters, labor strikes, and pandemics. The Neway eLabs Platform® is a modern lab ordering and reporting tool developed from years of clinical dialysis lab expertise. It's user friendly and improves dialysis lab draw workflows by reducing clicks and screen time. The Neway eLabs Platform has real-time critical alerts, dashboards, draw calendars, and the highest level of cyber security for PHI & HIPAA. Neway eLabs has all the dialysis labs reporting you would expect plus clinical decision support tools for disease management including hepatitis lab protocols. Neway also integrates directly to your dialysis specific EMR so that new patients and KT/V calculation data automatically flows into eLabs, and conversely eLabs pushes new lab results into your EMR real-time. Neway is Your Trusted Dialysis Lab Partner delivering innovation, stewardship, and excellence to your dialysis program. www.NewayLLC.com