Bryan Thompson, Founder & CEO of Neway Dialysis Labs, pictured in a suit.

Bryan Thompson

Founder & CEO

My passion is to improve dialysis patient care. For two decades, I have dedicated my career towards creating tools that save time by improving dialysis care workflows. In 2018, I began focusing on how long it takes to receive dialysis lab results and observed that all dialysis programs in the US are flying their lab specimens across the country to a single processing location. This practice is inefficient, costly, and delays dialysis patient care. My solution to faster labs was more supply in strategic locations to meet demand. In 2021, I founded Neway Labs to revolutionize the dialysis lab industry. We formed an exclusive partnership with Quest Diagnostics to create 18 locations across the U.S. to serve dialysis labs. With Neway, dialysis labs can now be resulted locally and regionally with next day results. The impact to the dialysis industry is saved time, reduced costs, and faster patient care. That’s my Neway story.