Neway and Affiliated Dialysis of California Celebrate One Year Anniversary

3/22/24 - Neway, LLC, the US leader in value-based care for dialysis labs, and Affiliated Dialysis of California, an industry leading provider of renal dialysis services in Southern California, celebrate our one-year anniversary as strategic partners for dialysis labs.

Neway and ADC started working together in March of 2023 with the goal of improving dialysis labs and accelerating the velocity, quality, and accuracy of dialysis patient care. The collaboration was a proving ground for the first ever Neway Dialysis Lab Stewardship Program® and the Neway eLabs Platform®.

Bryan Thompson, Neway Founder & CEO said, “ADC has been a valuable partner to Neway, joining us early in our mission to provide superior dialysis lab services. ADC helped us in several areas to improve our home, PD and SNF lab workflow and service delivery. ADC are innovators in the emerging home, PD, and SNF dialysis modalities and represent the best that stewardship can bring to dialysis.”

Dr. Raffi Minasian, Medical Director for Affiliated Dialysis of California stated, “as a Medical Director of a dialysis provider which has multiple settings and venues, I can attest to the fact that Neway has improved our accuracy and turnaround time for lab results, has facilitated easier access to needed services, and provided financial guidance that has saved us money. They truly are a partner in providing the needed lab services for our business.”

About Affiliated Dialysis of California:


Affiliated Dialysis of California was created through a merger of Affiliated Dialysis and Home Dialysis Centers of Rancho Cucamonga (a home hemodialysis and PD provider near LA) and Affiliated Dialysis Centers (a pioneer in the Nursing Home Dialysis fields, at one time the largest in the world, providing over 10,000 nursing home dialysis treatments per month). The partnership brought expertise from leaders in the home dialysis and nursing home dialysis care fields to California. We are the industry leader and provide patient centric solutions with superior outcomes.

ADC is the first company to be both the Office of State Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) and California Department of Public Health (CDPH) certified to provide bedside hemodialysis dialysis in skilled nursing facilities. ADC’s expert team collaborated with the state of California to develop guidelines and procedures related to the licensing of bedside dialysis in skilled nursing facilities.

Unlike the corporate dialysis chains, we provide more personalized care and work closely with patients and their families. With 30 years of technical dialysis expertise, we have the strongest technical support team in the industry. Several of our staff have been home hemodialysis patients themselves and have received a kidney transplant. Their personal experience allows them to understand the needs of every patient.

ADC is dedicated to enabling patients' freedom, independence, and providing better treatment pathways for the region's more complex, previously underserved dialysis population. We are able to utilize various technologies and equipment choices to best suit patient needs. Our home patients can travel and dialyze on their own schedules to places throughout the United States and abroad. Our nursing home patients can forego regular transport to outpatient facilities, receiving safe, effective dialysis according to their personally tailored care plans from trained clinicians at their bedside.

Through ADC’s years of expertise, we have handled some of the most challenging cases and are utilized for high complexity cases by Kaiser Permanente, CareMore, LA Care, Molina, UCLA and countless other Acute Care Facilities and insurance groups. They trust our ability to administer better care, with amazing support and flexibility. ADC will always put patients' needs first.

About Neway:

Neway is the U.S. leader in value-based care for dialysis labs. We help dialysis programs achieve better financial outcomes while increasing the quality and velocity of patient care.

The Neway Dialysis Lab Stewardship Program® helps you maximize lab revenue, lower lab fees, and give you global lab cost of care control. Neway works with your care team to optimize your lab order set and adhere to CMS guidelines, while eliminating wasteful and excessive testing, which lowers your overall lab fees and maximizes your dialysis lab earnings.

Neway with Quest Diagnostics® delivers next-day lab results and emergency preparedness. Dialysis clinics draw the patient’s specimen using Quest Diagnostics collection protocols that preserve specimen integrity and minimize blood degradation, an important detail on dialysis Hemoglobin (HGB) and Potassium (K) results. Quest Diagnostics logistic teams pick specimens up on the same day to be processed locally or regionally and results are delivered the next day. Working with Quest Diagnostics’ extensive network of laboratories and emergency preparedness protocols, Neway sustains the velocity of patient care through unforeseen events such as natural disasters, labor strikes, and pandemics.

The Neway eLabs Platform® is a modern lab ordering and reporting tool developed from years of clinical dialysis lab expertise. It's user friendly and improves dialysis lab draw workflows by reducing clicks and screen time. The Neway eLabs Platform has real-time critical alerts, dashboards, draw calendars, and the highest level of cyber security for PHI & HIPAA. Neway eLabs has all the dialysis labs reporting you would expect plus clinical decision support tools for disease management including hepatitis lab protocols. Neway also integrates directly to your dialysis specific EMR so that new patients and KT/V calculation data automatically flows into eLabs, and conversely eLabs pushes new lab results into your EMR real-time.

Neway is Your Trusted Dialysis Lab Partner delivering innovation, stewardship, and excellence to your dialysis program.